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Saklıkent Tlos / Yakapark

Saklıkent Tlos / Yakapark


22 £

Saklikent is the largest gorge in Turkey and the second largest in Europe, it is 18 Kilometres  long, the water comes down from the mountains so is very cold and in parts fast flowing, usually 4 Kilometres can be walked.
This is a really fun  day out, River rafting, Zip Line and Bungee jumping are available for those that want to make it a real day of Adventure.


The Roman baths, remains of a Byzantine church, theatre, stadium, gymnasiun plus a castle that was built in the Ottoman period and overlooks the site, there are lots of tombs among them the Tomb of Bellerophan which is carved into the rocks and depicts him on his winged horse Pegasus fighting the three headed monster Chimera, these are just a few of the remains to be seen and enjoyed.




Day. Pick up at 9am from Kalkan.We have a drive of 45 mins to Saklikent where we start our

For those that would like to do the River tubeing or the other activities there is time for those as well as walking in the canyon. then a short drive to lunch higher in the mountains. After lunch we visit Tlos a wonderful ancient site with lots to see.


Pick up at 9.30 where we drive to Saklikent and you spend the morning exploring the canyon  or taking part in the other activities, River tubeing, or the Zip line  or even Bungee jumping.

 We have lunch sitting over the river and arrive back in Kalkan aprox 3pm.