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Saklıkent Tlos / Yakapark  

Tlos / Yakapark

Saklikent is the largest gorge in Turkey and the second largest in Europe, it is 18 Kilometres  long, the water comes down from the mountains so is very cold and in parts fast flowing, usually 4 Kilometres can be walked. This is a really fun  day out, River rafting, Zip Line and Bungee jumping are available for those that want to make it a real day of Adventure. TLOS The Roman baths, remains of a Byzantine church, theatre, stadium, gymnasiun ...
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Kekova İsland Tour  

İsland Tour

Kekova Island (The Sunken Lycian City) Kekova is a quiet restful paradise with plenty of creeks and bays, it certainly is unigue, there are many Roman and byzantine ruins and foundations to be seen along the shoreline. Following an earthquake there is a city submerged in the sea dating back to 2,000 B.C Part of the city is clearly visable due to the clear waters. Kekova dominated by a visable due to the clear waters. Kekova dominated by a ...
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Meis Island Kastellorizo  

Island Kastellorizo

Meis, or Kastellorizo, is a very pleasant day trip from Kas or Kalkan. This tiny Dodecanese island with its population of a couple of hundred, sits opposite the harbour of Kas and in the day time you could be forgiven for thinking it is uninhabited as the port town on the landward side can be a little hard to spot. At night however the lights of the houses, shops and restuarants along the promenade twinkle enticingly across the moonlight bay. ...
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Patara Horse Riding  

Horse Riding

Come with us and enjoy a relaxing ride, at a steady pace,along the Lycian Way .Along the way you will have chance to enjoy the fantastic views of the whole beach of Patara and the ruins including the amphitheatre,senate building,and the castle and so much more Further along you will pass through the beautiful pine trees and natural surroundings ending up overlooking Yala Bay and Kalkan in the distance.Here we will have a short break to rest the ...
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Canoeing Adventure  


A trip to Turkey is not complete whitout a canoe trip down the beautiful river Eşençayı (Xanthos River). Starting at Kınık,the river flows 15 km down to the famaus Patara Beach .The natural surroundings and views area fabulous . During the trip there is a break for  swimming,or taking a mud bath .Agreat day out for all the family in complete safety. TOUR  PROGRAMME Depart  09 30 Hrs  Return 17 00hrs .BQ lunch  inchluding . Turlar ...
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Xanthos Letoon İslamlar  

Letoon İslamlar

The Lycian of XANTHOS lies a few kilometres island from the sea, on a promontory which rises steeply from the river Kocaçay. Legend has it that the cıty’s founder was the hero Sarpedon, Hector’s friend. Xanthos was destroyed by the Persians under their General Harpagus in the sixth century and it was later conquered by Alexander the  Great in 333 B.C. ıt became the Lycian capital in 167 B.C. when it joined the Lycian confederation uniting ...
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Walking Tour One  

Tour One

Akbel to Patara Approximately four hours - easy. The walk starts in the olive groves near the hamlet of Akbel, just above the town of Kalkan. It follows an easy, level track with views across the plain of Kinik to your right (see if you can spot the remains of the runway, where the government tried to open an airport back in the 70s - unfortunately it sank before it received any air traffic!) The track then descends an easy, but rocky, path to ...
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Walking Tour Two  

Tour Two

Proximately four to five hours - easy We start the walk in the very pretty village of Gokceoren high in the hills above Kas and Kalkan. This is the summer retreat for the villagers and their flocks, where they spend the hot season. We start at the graveyard, where you may be amused to see the dates on the gravestones. Because Turkey changed to the Gregorian Calendar from the Lunar Calendar when it became a republic, some graves show birth dates ...
Every Week Daily Price : 22 £
Quad Bike Safari  

Bike Safari

We stard the excursion in the small village of Patara.You will drive through the village up to the sand dunes.From here you can see the whole stretch of Patara beach(18km of golden sands).This is a great place to take photos and admire the stunning views. We then continune throughthe forests and parways of Patara Nationel Park towards Çayağzi (far end of  Patara beach).We follow the river and you will have an opportunity to see sweet water ...
Every Week Daily Price : 35 £
Jeep Safari  


A fun day out for explorers of all ages.Professional guides and drivers lead the jeep expeditions in convoy allowing you totake in all the fabulous sceneryand archaeological sites in one day. The first  stop is at  Xanthos,the ancient Lycian capital city .Afterwards,the convoy stops off at Saklıkent Gorge (see above),where a waterside lunch is taken and as an extra,you can enjoy a spot of rafting.After lunch,you're invited to take mud bath next ...
Every Week Daily Price : 25 £