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Walking Tour One

Walking Tour One


22 £

Akbel to Patara Approximately four hours - easy. The walk starts in the olive groves near the hamlet of Akbel, just above the town of Kalkan. It follows an easy, level track with views across the plain of Kinik to your right (see if you can spot the remains of the runway, where the government tried to open an airport back in the 70s - unfortunately it sank before it received any air traffic!)
The track then descends an easy, but rocky, path to the Roman aquaduct at Delikemer. We pass underneath the aquaduct and up a rise, where you will get a good view back to aquaduct. Then we join the path to Patara, flat at first, then a very short rise, crossing a dry stream bed before joining a pleasant grassy track, which leads through olive groves and then through woodlands before we start the gentle descent to Patara.

Picnic stop in a pleasant glade with plenty of shade and rocky `perches`, then the final descent via a grass and shale path. Some care needs to be taken as you descend, as there is some erosion in some places on the path.

We then arrive in the ruins of Patara, once a capital of the Lycian league and Lycia`s main seaport (the harbour has since silted up and the ruins are now some way from the sea). Explore the ruins, including the well-preserved amphitheatre and the senate, upon which today`s US senate was modelled.

Walk (or bus) to the beach, where we will spend some time, so that you can have a swim or paddle and a cool drink at the cafe before returning to Kalkan. There are changing cabins and showers at the beach cafe, which you can use free of charge.

Bring: sun cream, swimming costume/towel if you wish (these can be left on the bus and collected before we leave the ruins), sandals/plimsolls so that you can change out of your boots (can also be left on the bus), plenty of water/other drinks as desired, extra snacks (a sandwich and juice will be provided), camera. You may also want to bring a clean tee-shirt, as walking at this time of the year can be a sweaty business!

Please note: Because Patara is an official ancient site, we have to pay the entrance fee of 5 lira per person on the way out (we bypass the ticket booth on the route down). It would be extremely helpful if you could try to have the correct money, so that we can collect this on the bus.

Depart 09 30 Return 17 00