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Walking Tour Two

Walking Tour Two


22 £

Proximately four to five hours - easy We start the walk in the very pretty village of Gokceoren high in the hills above Kas and Kalkan. This is the summer retreat for the villagers and their flocks, where they spend the hot season.
We start at the graveyard, where you may be amused to see the dates on the gravestones. Because Turkey changed to the Gregorian Calendar from the Lunar Calendar when it became a republic, some graves show birth dates in the `14th` Century alongsides dates of passing in the last or current centuries.

We follow a stream gently downhill through forest and farmland, arriving eventually at the junction with the path which leads up to the ancient city of Phellos. At this junction, we turn west towards Saribelen, following the path of a rushing river, with views over the high villages and pastures. The path rises gently in some areas. We end the walk on a track, just above the village of Saribelen.

Bring: suncream, camera, snacks, plenty of water/soft drinks. (A sandwich and juice will be provided). You may wish to bring sandals/other shoes to change in to at the end, ditto clean tee shirt.

Depart 09 30  Return 17 00hrs